Uplifting Music

Chillout, Trance and Ambient mixes for different moods.

Melodic and Uplifting

Melodic and Uplifting

I curate and mix the best rhythmically melodic tunes into thematic mixes for different moods

High Quality

High Quality

Only high quality (lossless) versions of the tracks are used to construct a mix that an audiophile would approve of.

1 Hour Mixes

1 Hour Mixes

Most mixes are 1 hour in duration. Not too long, not to short. And burnable to CDs.



… as in speech. You may share and redistribute the mixes freely as long as you include proper attribution.

Labor of Love

Labor of Love

Hours of hard work in preparing and seamlessly mixing a curated list of songs, with intended meaning, and purpose for every beat and every lyric.



In MP3 (320 kbps) and HQ lossless formats (AIF and FLAC). Enjoy the mixes wherever you are.

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Chillout is an umbrella term for several styles of music characterized by mellow style and mid-tempo beats, including lounge, new age, ambient, trip-hop, jazz and post-rock. ‘Unwind’ chillout mixes blend the best uplifting and melodic tunes in these genres to create thematic mixes, each with a certain mood and style.

Latest ‘Unwind’ Mixes

Unwind (Vol 26)

A new mix to start off 2015, this one contains new favorites as well as classic Chillout tracks that I personally absolutely love. Here’s to a great start for a new year. Hope yours is filled with good times and happy memories.

Unwind (Vol 24 – Guest Mix on ‘Dunia’)

A somewhat mellow mix themed around city life in the night time. Features mostly instrumental tunes from classical and contemporary recordings. This mix is featured on Cham’o chillout/ambient radio show ‘Dunia’.

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Anybody who loves a good enchanting melody in electronic dance music is ought to fall in love with Trance music. At their peak, these melodies deliver an incredible euphoric high that will transport you to a wonderful state of transcendent happiness and excitement. This series seamlessly blends the best of contemporary and classical tracks in the uplifting and progressive Trance scenes.

Latest ‘Trance Nchantment’ Mixes

Trance Nchantment (Vol 12)

Have you ever dreamt of escaping your current reality with someone you love and going somewhere only you know? This mix is inspired by such fantasy. It features some truly amazing vocals and uplifting tunes as well as a new mashup by yours truly.

Trance Nchantment (Vol 11)

I think this will turn out to be one of my favorite Trance mixes of all time! Starts with a memorable chillout version of Paul van Dyk’s “Time of Our Lives”, then it launches into an incredible blend of uplifting and vocal Trance tunes that are each worth their weight in gold, let alone being all mixed into one free-flowing masterpiece.

Trance Nchantment (Vol 10)

Sweet, emotional and uplifting combination of vocal and instrumental tracks make up the majority of this mix. Shows you how beautifully melodic Trance can be!

Drifter Header

If what you need is total calm and serenity, the ambient music in the ‘Drifter’ series will help you completely relax your mind and body. All tracks are carefully picked and impeccably mixed to create an hour of soothing soundscapes, perfect for occasions like sleeping, star gazing or contemplating.

Latest ‘Drifter’ Mixes

Drifter (Vol 5)

There are scenes of which we should never take pictures to remember because they are most memorable and best contemplated when in person. This is the soundtrack to those moments.

Drifter (Vol 4)

This mix is inspired by the talented Dave Michuda from “low light mixes”. His highly polished, finely curated Ambient mixes are such a treat to listen to, and I’ve grown a fan of his work ever since discovering him a year or so ago.

Drifter (Vol 3)

I’m always inspired to create new mixes because I personally enjoy coming back and listening to these mixes over and over again. Few as they are, mixes in the ‘Drifter’ series are my most played ones because they literally help me drift off to a wonderful sleep. Hope you enjoy this one.