Drifter (Vol 4) - Soothing Ambient Soundscapes

Drifter (Vol 4)


MP3 320 Kbps CUE Sheet

Genres: Ambient, New Age
Tracks: 16
Duration: 01:02:47


It’s usually the case that a great track I discover becomes the seed and inspiration to one of my upcoming mixes. However, for this mix it was actually a person. His name is Dave Michuda and he creates (mostly) Ambient mixes under the name “low light mixes“.

If you’re a Mixcloud regular listener, it won’t take you long to discover him. His mixes are popular for a very good reason: they are quite the most highly polished, finely curated ambient mixes I’ve ever heard! I have quite a few favorite mixes from him that have become my go-to ones for relaxing and falling asleep.

He is also a very approachable guy. I recently messaged him asking about ambient music suggestions and he took the time to write me a very thorough list of them that I have started discovering ever since. Go ahead and check out his work over on Mixcloud and follow him on Twitter if you want.

I’m pretty sure his mixes will continue to provide active inspiration for my Drifter series for the future to come, much like how Ambient Nights introduced me to this wonderful style of music and inspired me to begin mixing Ambient music in the first place.


  1. Andrew Bayer – All This Will Happen Again
  2. All India Radio – Surf On The Malecon (DJ Seroton Edit)
  3. Arcade Fire – Dimensions (“Her” Soundtrack) (DJ Seroton Edit)
  4. All India Radio – Losing Houston
  5. Rudy Adrian – Watery Moon
  6. Jonn Serrie – Annie by the Sea
  7. Chicane – Fin De Jours
  8. Wavestar – Landfall (DJ Seroton Edit)
  9. Tim Hecker – Boreal Kiss, Part 1
  10. Ólafur Arnalds – Lokadu Augunum
  11. Erik Wollo – Sphere (Into the Dream)
  12. Bliss – Spun Glass
  13. Alio Die – Intramundia
  14. Stars Of The Lid – The Kraut
  15. Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue – Morning Spirit (DJ Seroton Edit)
  16. Gulan – Abstracto

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  1. Love your music. It’s ‘just me’. So relaxing & perfectly chilled.


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