Drifter (Vol 8) - Soothing Ambient Soundscapes

Drifter (Vol 8)


MP3 320 Kbps CUE Sheet Album Art

Genres: Ambient, New Age, Drone
Tracks: 15
Duration: 60:00


This mix is dedicated to the wonderful people behind Ambient-Nights.org, who I have the pleasure of recently joining as part of the Ambient-Nights Mixer Family (ANMF). Ambient-Nights was the site that got me hooked on Ambient music since I discovered it in 2007. The quality of their mixes is really extraordinary, and they have a body of work that will sure take some time to go through, but the experience will be just as rewarding.

I also want to highlight the work of the other current member of ANMF, Northenstar. His two mix series, Stella Septentrionalis and Amoris et Lucis, include some of the finest Ambient mixing I have ever heard (Amoris et Lucis 1 is my current favorite). Truly inspirational work.


  1. Another Green World – Stream of Consciousness
  2.  Marconi Union – Weightless
  3. Andrew Lahiff – Deserted
  4. J Butler – Grey
  5. An Imaginal Space – Cloudscape Timelapse 10.06.15 (Loop 16.05.15)
  6. Jonson – From the Outside Part Two
  7. Cliff Martinez – My Name On A Car (“Drive” Soundtrack)
  8. Bing Satellites – 19 February 2012 part 2
  9. Michael Stearns – Procession (Sacred Ceremony) (DJ Seroton Edit)
  10. Martin Kennedy – Little Desert Ambient
  11. Ben Woods – Together Standing
  12. Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo – Trip From Mars (Excerpt)
  13. Eluvium – Show Us Our Homes
  14. Alio Die – Spring Music
  15. Secede – Shrine

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  1. Ah, this is too Beautiful – Love Alio Die – Listening to his music is a spiritual experience for me. This mix is one I need to listen to again as soon as it ends. So moving and one that transports the mind to beautiful visuals. It is as if angels had a hand in this mix. Thank you so very much.


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