Precious Times (Vol 2) - Heartwarming Music

Precious Times (Vol 2)


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Genres: Pop, Chillout, New Age, Classical
Tracks: 15
Duration: 55:20


I was moved by a simple yet profound blog post I read a couple of days ago on what it really means to have ‘true love’. I’m going to quote it here, but before I do, if you resonate with those lines and have a special someone in your life with whom you believe you have true love, then for the sake of everybody else like me who are tired of looking for their special someone, hold on to them and never let go. You are blessed with something a lot of people would give their all to have a glimpse of. So put this mix on the next time you’re having an intimate time together, and appreciate them for being in your life.

People don’t understand what it means to love someone. Love is not something you can be selfish about. It is a give and take situation, notice give being the first word in that. Love is not about what the person you’re with is doing to make you happy, it’s about what you’re doing to make them happy. Now the person you’re with should be thinking along the same lines so it’s not a take-take situation on their part.

All ideals about love being completely intense and passionate all the time should be thrown away. Love is not an entertainer, it is not going to constantly create excitement and passion. I’m not saying it never will but don’t expect it to constantly be exciting. Know that even in the quiet times love is there, even as you do mundane tasks, it is there. If it is true and you are not lying to yourself about it, it will always be there.

I don’t believe you can fall out of love with someone because if that happens you never really loved them, you were infatuated yes, but not in love. A relationship that lasts years and ends doesn’t mean you truely loved the person, you did “love” them in a way but you never had true love.

The sad thing is not many people in this world find true love. They find common everyday love that cannot stand the test of time but not true love. True love lasts and though I know this is a cliche you really have to understand what I mean by “true love”. By this I mean that if you are selfish about love and believe that it must make you happy at all times you will never have true love. True love is an understanding of what it means to be in love. It means giving and sacrificing more than you think you can. Now there is no right person. There are many millions of people in the world so how could you hope to discover a “soulmate”? Only when you understand true love can you be with someone and be truely in love. – By Lauren Spooner


  1. Alison Krauss – When You Say Nothing At All
  2. Josh Groban – You Raise Me Up
  3. Secret Garden – Sortie
  4. Omar Akram – Free As A Bird
  5. Epic45 – The Trees And Lanes
  6. Yiruma – My Belief
  7. Andre Rieu – Douce France
  8. Parijat – Bowing Down In Grace
  9. Secret Garden – Song For A Stormy Night
  10. Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love
  11. Michael Bublé – You And I
  12. Omar Akram – My Hope Is You
  13. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
  14. Christina Perri Feat. Steve Kazee – A Thousand Years, Pt. 2


  1. это vol.1, а не vol.2

  2. thanks for sharing all those beautiful mixes

    • You’re welcome ronny. Thanks for stopping by :)

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