Unwind (Vol 1) - Feel Good Relaxing Music

Unwind (Vol 1)


MP3 320 Kbps CUE Sheet

Genres: Chillout, New Age, Pop
Tracks: 13
Duration: 1:06:34


Some 5 years ago, I got my first taste of chillout music when I accidentally stumbled by DJ River‘s awesome chillout and ambient mixes. I completely fell in love with them and the genre as a whole. Few years later, I also discovered MDB “Beautiful Voices” mixes, which further reinforced my appreciation for how much this style of music is capable of literally helping us relax and chill out.

Good For

I personally love to put on this kind of music especially during a flight. There is something about drifting off and on listening to this on a plane that I can’t explain, but really do enjoy.

Primarily, I wanted this mix to be just like it says: something to kick back and relax with whenever and wherever you need to. You could play this at home using a speaker system or headphones while enjoying a drink on a lazyboy, or maybe at the beach watching the sunset or sunrise. It’s also good for your morning commute to work or school, since the music here is the kind of music you want to start your day with: cheerful, uplifting, not too upbeat but also not too mellow.


You’ll notice that some tracks are done by high-profile DJs like Roger Shah, ATB, and John O’Callaghan. Those great artists aren’t only known for their Trance records, but they also produce some of the finest down-tempo tunes I’ve ever heard.

  1. DJ Shah – Balearic Feeling (Chillout Mix)
  2. Chris Endres – Capoeira Nights
  3. ATB – Dooley’s World
  4. Marco Torrance – Stranded Feelings
  5. Sunlounger – Kuta Beach
  6. John O’Callaghan – Never Fade Away
  7. Enigma – The Dream Of The Dolphin
  8. Jon Hopkins – Inner Peace
  9. Moby – JLTF
  10. Emma – In The Summertime
  11. Retsiem – The Nighttime
  12. Coldplay – The Escapist
  13. Jon Hopkins – Light Through The Veins

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