Unwind (Vol 10 - Special Anniversary Mix) - Feel Good Chillout Music

Unwind (Vol 10) – Special Anniversary Mix


MP3 320 Kbps CUE Sheet

Genres: Chillout, New Age, Flamenco, Pop, Blues, Post-Rock
Tracks: 30
Duration: 2:04:50


I can’t believe it was only little over 7 months ago that I formally began this musical project of mine with the first volume in the Unwind mix series. I was on a vacation at the time and I had this epiphany that since I had built up this awesome collection of high-quality music, why not share with the world the best tunes that I loved through meticulously crafted mixes that complemented certain moods or emotions.

I didn’t know at the time how far I would go with this newfound hobby of mine or how much I would learn along the way. Now here I am celebrating my 10th volume in this series (and 16th overall mix). I’ve tremendously enjoyed creating each and every single one of them with utmost care and perfection. It also gave me an appreciation of how much work goes into crafting a high-quality mix that immerses the listeners in a magnificent listening experience.

This special 2-hours anniversary mix is my token of gratitude to all friends and listeners out there. Thank you guys for making the time spent making these beautiful mixes for you worthwhile.


  1. Midival Punditz – Rebirth
  2. Honeyroot – Drifter
  3. Mark Knopfler – Metroland Theme
  4. Melounge – Maledives Beach (Islands Of Chill Del Mar Cafe mix)
  5. John H. Clarke – Aguila Cosmica
  6. Jose Delgado – Sal Rossa
  7. Blank & Jones – Face À La Mer
  8. Bliss – Child
  9. Clannad – Mystery Game
  10. Dido – Look No Further
  11. Sacral Reason – Whisper Of An Angel
  12. Bryan Adams Feat. Sarah McLachlan – Don’t Let Go
  13. Tino Izzo – Revival
  14. Buddha Sounds Feat. Lila – All I Need (Loving Mix)
  15. Elia Kazah – Return Home (Tee2 Remix)
  16. Dario G – Voices
  17. DT Tactics – Movers & Shakers (InContext Remix)
  18. Jon Hopkins – Circle
  19. Ulrich Schnauss – Shine
  20. Chris Spheeris – Forever… My Love
  21. Epic45 – Winterbirds
  22. Hammock – I Can Almost See You
  23. Jon Hopkins – Grace
  24. Mazzy Star – Blue Light
  25. Blank & Jones – Blue Moon
  26. Sine – Dreamin
  27. Sonar – Sentimental Journey
  28. Sunsphere – The Perfect Moment With You
  29. ATB – Magnetic Girl
  30. John H. Clarke – Un Tren

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