Unwind (Vol 5) - Feel Good Relaxing Music

Unwind (Vol 5)


MP3 320 Kbps CUE Sheet

Genres: Chillout, New Age, Ambient, Pop, Country, Alternative Rock
Tracks: 15
Duration: 1:06:42


Me and Ayman

Me and Ayman

This mix perfectly showcases exactly why my mixes are unique, which is the inclusion of songs from different genres that are amazing on their own yet they complement each other to serve the overall mood and theme of the mix.

My very first demo mix ‘Cheer Up’ had this song by Dido called ‘See the Sun’. Ayman, my little 9 years brother, loved that song and ever since I took that mix apart into other mixes, he’d always ask why isn’t that song mixed in. So I’d like to dedicate this one to him for being an inspiration when I was just starting up.

Good For

While it can be played anytime you want to chill out and have fun, it’s best suited for morning times. There’s a lot of inspiration here on being optimistic, seizing the day and thinking good thoughts that good things are coming your way.


  1. Dido – See the Sun
  2. Blank & Jones – Lullaby (Les Yeux Fermes)
  3. Ron Sexsmith feat. Chris Martin – Gold In Them Hills
  4. Orange Music – For Your Pleasure (Open Mind Mix)
  5. Directia 5 – Atmosfera Romantica (Romantic Atmosphere)
  6. Sean Harkness – Summer Solstice
  7. Underworld – To Heal
  8. Keb’ Mo’ – Infinite Eyes
  9. Mark Knopfler – Smooching (Local Hero Soundtrack)
  10. Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler – Tahitian Skies
  11. Yanni – Reflections Of Passion
  12. Arno – Aquaphonia
  13. Switchfoot – Thrive
  14. Blank & Jones – Summergroove
  15. Coldplay – Up With The Birds

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