About DJ Seroton

Believing in music’s capacity to elevate our happiness (or the level of the Serotonin in the body), DJ Seroton (real name Alaeddin or Ala) skillfully crafts compilation mixes that feature uplifting melodies in music that span his favorite genres including Chillout, Trance, Ambient. Every mix he creates is a labor of love. Hours of hard work are poured into preparing and mixing a curated list of music, with intended meaning and purpose for every beat and every lyric that’s played.

At a young age, DJ Seroton started dabbling with basic music production to translate burning ideas for melodies that he wanted to bring to life. Experimenting on his own with a computer DAW application (FL Studio), he created few dance tunes that, while were basic, have reaffirmed his passion for listening to and mixing delightful uplifting melodies. This put him on a journey to explore genres of music that featured this style, which eventually led him to discover such genres as Chillout and Trance.

With Chillout, DJ Seroton was first introduced to this genre through the ambient/chillout mixes created by DJ River. He was inspired by the level of care and perfection that DJ River put into his mixes. His choice of which tracks to include also played a role as it led DJ Seroton to discover some of his all-time favorite Chillout artists such as Blank & Jones, Bliss and ATB. DJ Seroton was later introduced to the ambient genre through a website called Ambient Nights, which featured exceptional ambient mixes created by Alex Hephaestion. To this day, DJ Seroton is inspired by Alex’s philosophy of creating a mix set that revolves around “tracks that blended well with each other, not necessarily sounding the same but feeling the same or having a complimentary emotion to them”. Finally, with Trance, it was no other than Armin Van Buuren, with his weekly radio show A State of Trance, that ignited DJ Seroton’s passion for this style of upbeat music, which is all about enchanting melodies and heart-pumping rhythms. As he got more into it, DJ Seroton discovered the uplifting sub genre of Trance, which perfectly captured the style of music he wanted to create in the first place.

As years rolled on and his collection of music in these genres grew, it culminated in the decision DJ Seroton took to start his mixing career in 2011. His aim was to create recognizably unique mixes that were not just about stringing tracks together, but delivering wholesome emotions that listeners would identify with and enjoy; a philosophy that favored quality over quantity. He started 3 series of mixes: “Unwind” for Chillout music, “Trance Nchantment” for uplifting and progressive trance music, and finally “Drifter” for soothing ambient music.

With over 50 high quality mixes and several guest mix features, DJ Seroton’s main goal going forward is to reach as wide of an audience as he can, out of a desire to share the gift of music, promoting the amazing artists that he features, and hoping that these mixes make a difference in people’s lives in one way or another.