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‘Drifter’ mixes deliver a beatless atmosphere of total calm and serenity. All tracks are carefully picked and impeccably mixed to create an hour of soothing soundscapes, perfect for occasions like sleeping, star gazing or contemplating.

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Complete ‘Drifter’ Collection

Drifter (Vol 8)

This mix is dedicated to the wonderful people behind Ambient-Nights.org, who I have the pleasure of recently joining as part of the Ambient-Nights Mixer Family (ANMF). AN has a massive catalog of Ambient mixes you don’t want to miss if you are a fan of this genre.

Drifter (Vol 7) – with Tonepoet

This is the second leg of my collab with Tonepoet. We called it “As the World Comes into Focus”, and it is essentially an exploration of our inner senses as we drift in and out of consciousness. You may recognize this feeling from a time when you drifted off to sleep and then brought back somehow to faint awakening, only to drift back afterwards into a peaceful and restful sleep.

Drifter (Vol 6) – with Tonepoet

My first collaboration with Tonepoet, who creates some of the best Ambient mixes I have ever heard. Inspired by the first track, this mix is a surreal journey through untroubled rivers with tranquil piano and violin notes taking you into a heightened experience of relaxation and peacefulness.

Drifter (Vol 5)

There are scenes of which we should never take pictures to remember because they are most memorable and best contemplated when in person. This is the soundtrack to those moments.

Drifter (Vol 4)

This mix is inspired by the talented Dave Michuda from “low light mixes”. His highly polished, finely curated Ambient mixes are such a treat to listen to, and I’ve grown a fan of his work ever since discovering him a year or so ago.

Drifter (Vol 3)

I’m always inspired to create new mixes because I personally enjoy coming back and listening to these mixes over and over again. Few as they are, mixes in the ‘Drifter’ series are my most played ones because they literally help me drift off to a wonderful sleep. Hope you enjoy this one.

Drifter (Vol 2)

This one bears resemblance to the first volume in that it starts with another great track from the “The Kingdom” movie and slowly progresses into dreamy ambient soundscapes that are carefully chosen one after the other to put you into a complete state of relaxation. I even took this mix for a spin and put it on while going to sleep, it was perfect!

Drifter (Vol 1)

I’ve been working on this mix for a while, and I think I finally perfected it. I love ambient music, and this mix blends some of the best ambient tunes in a way that is perfect for sleeping, working, or any other situations where you need a truly quite and peaceful atmosphere.