Drifter (Vol 2) - Soothing Ambient Soundscapes for the Perfect Sleep

Drifter (Vol 2)


MP3 320 Kbps CUE Sheet

Genre: Ambient
Tracks: 11
Duration: 1:00:00


It’s been almost a year since I’ve released Volume 1 of the ‘Drifter’ ambient series. I had the artwork for this mix designed ever since, but I kept putting off working on it till I decided recently that I’m going to do my love of ambient music justice by releasing this second volume.

This one bears resemblance to the first volume in that it starts with another great track from the “The Kingdom” movie and slowly progresses into dreamy ambient soundscapes that are carefully chosen one after the other to put you into a complete state of relaxation. I even took this mix for a spin and put it on while going to sleep, it was perfect!


  1. Danny Elfman – Finale (“The Kingdom” Soundtrack)
  2. Jon Hopkins – Opalescent
  3. Jeff Pearce – The Hidden Sky
  4. Cliff Martinez – He Had A Good Time (“Drive” Soundtrack)
  5. Global Communication – 12:18
  6. Tetsu Inoue – Low Of Vibration
  7. James Johnson – Minimum #5
  8. David Helping – All Things End
  9. Alio Die – The Circular Development Of Time
  10. Suspended Memories – Saguaro
  11. Aeoliah – Whispers Among The Stars


  1. Your music is the only thing that lets me rest deeply. Thank you!!!

    • This made my day. Thank you for sharing that. I’m glad :)

  2. Amazing ! what a a piece of art


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