Drifter (Vol 6) - Soothing Ambient Soundscapes - with Tonepoet

Drifter (Vol 6) – with Tonepoet


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Genres: Ambient, New Age
Tracks: 18
Duration: 01:00:59


It’s quite rare to stumble upon a like-minded Ambient music enthusiast, let alone someone who crafts mixes inspired by this genre with utmost care and perfection. I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon one such person recently. He goes by Tonepoet and he is a traveling musician who produces guitar-infused Ambient songs that are quite brilliant. In his spare time, he works on crafting exquisite Ambient mixes for his 1300+ followers on Mixcloud. I sampled few of his mixes when I discovered his profile and I was immediately taken aback by the remarkable quality of his productions. Several of his mixes were immediate hits with me that I downloaded and added them to my curated iPod sleeping playlist, next to some of my all-time favorite Ambient mixes from the mixing legend, Dave Mooched, whose work never ceases to inspire me.

To my delight, Tonepoet had the same thoughts about my work and he was kind enough to approach me about featuring few of my Drifter ambient mixes on his Ambient blog. We decided to take the idea further as well by collaborating on producing two Ambient mixes. He would produce the first half of a mix and I would do the same for the other.

Today, I’m proud to present the first fruit of our collaboration. This mix is inspired by the first track, Mej by Porya Hatami, who is an Iranian-based experimental sound artist. This incredible track, and the whole mix afterwards, is a surreal journey through untroubled rivers with tranquil piano and violin notes taking you into a heightened experience of relaxation and peacefulness.


Part 1: DJ Seroton

  1. Porya Hatami – Mej
  2. Michael Stearns – Night Currents
  3. Jonn Serrie – Le Tresor (DJ Seroton Edit)
  4. Rudy Adrian & Ron Boots – The Morning Dew (For Barbara)
  5. Harold Budd – Steal Away
  6. Antonymes – 301210
  7. Electric Skychurch – Outside (Excerpt)
  8. Bing Satellites & Daniel Land – King Midas In Reverse

Part 2: Tonepoet

  1. Darren Harper – Will My Memories of You Hold True (Excerpt)
  2. Shane Morris – Shimmering
  3. Aural Method – The Moonlit Towers Reached Above in Blue the Hours Beseeched Our Love
  4. Stars Of The Lid – Fac 21
  5. John Foxx and Harold Budd – Subtext
  6. Good Weather For An Airstrike – Clutch
  7. Bing Satellites – The Hottest Day of the Year (Part 1) (Excerpt)
  8. Matt Stanfield – Alex’s Theme
  9. The Eager Seas – The Night Was Cold And Long
  10. Hammock – The Whole Catastrophe

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