Unwind (Vol 24) - Guest Mix on 'Dunia'

Unwind (Vol 24 – Guest Mix on ‘Dunia’)


MP3 320 Kbps CUE Sheet

Genres: Chillout, Ambient, New Age
Tracks: 18
Duration: 58:07


Mixcloud is chockfull of great Chillout and Ambient shows that I’ve recently had the pleasure of discovering. Among them is Cham’o popular ‘Dunia’ show, which features finely selected music in ambient, downtempo and lounge genres. I really like the atmosphere of this show that I wanted to be part of it, and Cham’o graciously accepted to feature my guest mix in his show.

This mix adopts a somewhat mellow tune themed around city life in the night time. I’ve tried to keep this mix more or less instrumental, so as to let the listener make out what he / she feels the mix to be about. You’ll hear an interesting blend of ambient and downtempo tunes, both from classical recordings (such as Brian Eno & Harold Budd’s “An Arc Of Doves” released in 1980) to contemporary Chillout and New Age records such as Jon Hopkins’ “Luna Moth”, released in 2010.

One artist I would like to highlight in this mix is Keith Kenniff, an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, and electronic music producer whose music has been featured many times in past “Unwind” mixes under the monikers of Helios, Goldmund, and his actual name. He’s actually featured 3 times in this mix. Something about his style of production just makes me perfect sense to me and I can’t help but feature him time and time again in my mixes. I encourage you all to check out and buy his records if you like them as much as I do.


  1. Hiatus Feat. Shura – Tiny Doors
  2. Helios – Every Hair On Your Head
  3. Brian Eno & Harold Budd – An Arc Of Doves (DJ Seroton Edit)
  4. Goldmund – Ashoken Farewell
  5. Jon Hopkins – Luna Moth
  6. Enya – And Winter Came…
  7. Rhythm Of Mankind & Nature – Moon Dance
  8. All India Radio – Tijuana Dream (DJ Seroton Edit)
  9. A.R. Rahman – Family Pictures (“People Like Us” Soundtrack)
  10. Fiona Joy Hawkins – Freedom
  11. Reuben Halsey – Death of the Snowflake
  12. Fade – Days Of Grace (DJ Seroton Edit)
  13. Alex Fox – Winds
  14. Diefenbach – Up For Ping Pong?
  15. Jonas Kroon – Her Er Eg (Xerxes Remix)
  16. Vangelis – Prelude
  17. Patrick O’Hearn – The Beauty Within
  18. Keith Kenniff – Letters

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